Jason Anderson’s Movement3 provides an innovative, personal and truly bespoke approach to rehabilitation and conditioning. We bridge the gap between therapy and personal training by harnessing the curative and re-organisational powers of human movement to treat digestive, skeletal and muscular dysfunction.

Jason Anderson has been a personal trainer for many years. He originally did his training in the form of a personal training course with Discovery Learning in London. He specializes in strength and sports conditioning, CrossFit exercises and Olympic weight training.

Movement3 PocketTrainer can change your training forever!

M3PT is a revolutionary new training method that allows you to have access to your own Personal Trainer, exercise and nutrition programme whenever and wherever you train! M3PT consists of tailor-made training packages that you download direct to your MP3 player, so you literally have your personal trainer in your pocket wherever you go.

Your training package is specifically created for you to help you achieve your goals – no two are the same. And with access to the interactive member area of the site you can download and track your progress. All this for a fraction of the cost of a normal personal trainer – it couldn’t be easier!

This is your first stop and a summary of many of the features of the site, it also includes the fitness calendar for keeping track of workouts, completed workouts and daily food tracking.

M3PT provides programmes for all requirements